The Ugly Truth About Humans

The humans’ ability to destroy is killing our planet.  No, not just talking about the climate change, although that is a concern as well.  It is “our distinct efficiency at wiping out life on Earth,” intentionally or not, that is alarming.

Ever heard the term “holocene extinction“? I did not.  That’s when I looked it up.  It’s not the hunting or fishing for food that we need to survive but the environment we destroy through our activities where the extincted species lived.

And the magnitude is astounding.  Here is a list of extincted animals in the North America alone.  We are pretty efficient all right.  But efficiency at the wrong cause is a disaster waiting to happen.  The problem is real and can not wait.

Clearly our rate of destruction makes the Earth not sustainable. We will run out of resources before we know what to do.  If the dinosaurs served as a lesson that we do’t want to be extinct like them, something needs to be done.

Perhaps we should utilizing our other ability, the ability to imaging, for innovative options while there is still a chance.

Know other options? How about Space colony?

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