Knowledge Is Power? Only If . . .

No.  knowledge is not power.  Not if you don’t use it.   Like books, sitting on the shelves collecting dust, they contain plenty of information but are useless if not used. What makes it even worse is that 90% of our knowledge (from reading) is lost or forgotten after only 24 hours.

It’s called the “use it or lose it”! “Knowledge is power only when you truly understand it. Understanding something involves internalizing a concept” and applying that concept through action.  Which allows us to better retain the concept and discover gaps in our understanding.

So how does one go about applying the knowledge?  The article suggests a 5 step approach (with my notes):

  1. define learning outcome (what is my target of acquisition? Or begin with the end in mind)
  2. make notes and action checklist (write it down summary & action steps)
  3. consume knowledge in clusters (from multiple sources & different perspectives)
  4. apply as you learn (internalizing through action)
  5. measure improvements (any gap between desired & existing state?)

Do you think that knowledge is power only through action?

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