On Finding Answers

Finding answers to life’s un-ending questions is a part of what we all do.  Where is Joe?  When will the report be done? How do we . . . etc.

Some of these questions are repeats thus easy because we answered them before. They are no brainers as we knew what to say.  Other questions gives us pause.  They are new questions without stock answers. They make us think how to find answers.

Between the old and new questions, the later may seem harder.  But in reality the new questions are intellectually stimulating if, and this is a big IF, we make the time to investigate, to imaging, or to explore the answers.

As a bonus, once we found the answers, these questions will become easy the next time.

More importantly, we will feel more alive, more useful, and, dare I say, more human in finding the answers.  The difference lies in taking the time to ponder the questions and to think for ourselves.

What questions do you favor finding answers for?

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