Begin With The End In Mind

Bottom-line upfront: What is you intention?  What do you envision will happen?

Knowing the destination is a preference almost second nature to me.  It is like a target which allows me to plan and allocate my resources.  I organize everything around the end goal, So, important to have as clear an end in mind as possible.

“Almost second nature” because when it comes to my life, I have a tough time figuring out what is my end in mind.  Yes, everyone dies at the end, an indisputable fact.  But what do I envision my life to be when I reach the end?  I draw a blank on that vision.

Is it the number of children and grandchildren?  Size of my estate? Or number of accomplished items on my bucket list?  Frankly, none of them matters to me.  I am done with children let alone grandchildren.  My estate will not be of my concern after I died.  And I don’t have a bucket list, not really.

So I will have to muddy this one along.

What is your end in mind?

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