Machine (Deep) Learning

Machine learning, backbone of modern day artificial intelligence, is getting smarter. No longer does it rely on explicit instructions written by programmers.  Instead, machine learning uses patterns and associations much like the approach of our neural networks.

No more long lines of codes. The computer is given examples (lots of them) and instructions on what patterns to look for. The computer will search and make its own decisions in creating associations and learning. Case in point is the AlphGo who made history by beating the world Go champion.

Thanks to the increasing computer speed, deep learning is, machine learning modeled after the human brain. “Information is processed in layers and the connections between these layers are strengthened based on what is learned.” No doubt that, like the tools we developed, the artificial intelligence has surpassed human capacity in more ways than one.

How smart will AI be? How can we harness it to enhance our human intelligence?

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