Is It Real? Or . . .

Is it fake? What is to believe? 

The old saying that “seeing is believing” is out of the window when computer technology has evolved to a level that makes photoshop (the verb) seem archaic.

Aided by advancement in Artificial Intelligence, computers learn to manipulate video and audio syntheses with ease. What used to be a tedious process (in creating the fake content) is being replaced by automation.

Welcome to to the world of “deepfakes.”  Deep because the mapping of real person to the fake images is done by computer through machine learning which makes deepfake a prevalent technique.

Clearly, if applied illegitimately. deepfake becomes a case of AI gone wrong. Imaging the chaos it could cause by people with malicious intent. And resulting implication could be huge.  Because, once truth and trust are undermined, they are difficult to restore.

How do you prove that you are indeed you?

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