Lucky Monday

Believe it or not, Mother Nature smiled on Washington DC today. After the polar vortex of last week, we got a sunny without-a-cloud sky.  Temperature hit 60+ degree Fahrenheit (15 degrees above average).  And not surprisingly it made all the difference for my run.

Unlike the typical cold & windy February weather, today felt like Spring. Everything seemed brighter and lighter. Children were frolicking outside in the school playground. Their laughter spilling over. Neighbor across the street were in short sleeve fetching his mail. 

Spotted a few snow patches scattered in the shades along my route – won’t last before the day is over, said to myself as I trotted by them. What a contrast today was compared to the single digit temperature when I ran over the weekend (when I had to periodically shake my gloved hands to keep my fingers from freezing).

Recognizing six more weeks of winter are yet to come per “Potomac Phil” dead or alive.  I will take weather like today’s any day.

Was your Monday lucky as well?

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