Happiness is subjective. It’s different for you, for me, and anyone else. While different, everyone is entitled to it.  At least in the US Declaration of Independence,  the “pursuit of Happiness” is listed as one of the unalienable rights.

Along with it being subjective comes several dilemmas, as are all self directed things.

First, It is never quite what others tell you.  Because what makes others happy may not necessarily work for you.  Each circumstance is different.  Is it food when one is starving, relationship when lonely, or support when failing?  Tough to say.

Second, One may genuinely not know what s/he wants.  An envied person may not be a happy person as the story goes.  Unless one has experienced the journey of value clarification, it is difficult to appreciate what happiness means.

Last, How does one go about finding happiness?  This is the perennial question.  And the answer is – Happiness is where you find it.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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