My Weight Story

Each year I train for marathon.  During the 20 week training, a definite benefit is I can have unlimited food and still lose weight.  Because the amount of calories my training consumes, I would feel fit, healthy and lean.  A wonderful feeling indeed.

Take last year for example.  My marathon was early September. And I enjoyed my lean weight for several months afterwards.  This included the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when plenty of foods would be available.

It all changed quickly when the cold weather arrived.  My weight started going up as the temperature came down.  Simply, I was running less during my off season.  But my caloric intake remained constant to keep my body from shivering.  And I rationalized the extra pounds are my winter reserve.

While not feeling overweight, I am not my tip-top shape.  Make sense for off season I suppose.  Further, any weight I have gained will have to come off when my marathon training starts in two months.  Then the cycle repeats.

Does your weight go through cycles according to the season?

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