Week In Review – 10 Feb 2019

My week started with a unusually warm weather on Monday.  Followed by my visit to the city of New Orleans.  A nice break from the Old Man Winter altogether.  The only thing is the city’s reputation being the Big Easy, guaranteed my weight will only go up.

Coincidentally, Mardi Gras Marathon was this Sunday in New Orleans. Even though not a participant, I attended the race’s expo on Saturday since I am visiting.  It is then, I realized how much the topic of marathon is an emotional anchor for me.

In other words, even though not competing in the race, I was in my elements at the expo.  I felt the kinship with other runners through our journey.  Running marathon means a lot to me, and I find happiness in it.  Without a doubt, it was a case of flash critical thinking.

Have a nice week!

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