Is The Sky Falling?

Next storm Feb 16

The headline reads, “more disruptive storms with snow, ice and rain eye Midwest and Northeast into midweek” with added infographic laying out the impact across the affected areas.

This much I will say, they got my attention.  As a runner, I am a sucker for weather related news.  Probably much more than I should.  Because the report went on with ominous words like “slippery roads,” “school delays and cancellations” and other scary scenarios

What is going on?

I understand it’s better be cautious than sorry.  But maybe, just maybe, it’s also easier to ask forgiveness if the worst case does not materialize, than say the other way around.  In other words: Cover Your Ass(et).

Case in point: last night, a Hypothermia Alert was issued for this morning –  expect the wind chill to be below 32 degrees from 3 a.m. until 1 p.m.  So dutifully I prepared myself for the Hypothermia condition.

But it was closer to 40 degree Fahrenheit when I ran this morning. Yeah a bit windy but much better than the forecast.  However there was very few runners out there.  Maybe I am not the biggest sucker after all.

Is there a media conspiracy on scaring the hell out us?

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