Hope Is A Function Of Struggle, Part 2

Negativism is running rampant, at least it feels that way.  Not only here at home but around the globe: Teachers revolt, Me Too, Brexit . . .  The list goes on. Seems everyone is fighting.  Can’t trust each other.  Not even the priest!

Why the fighting?  Can’t we all just get along?

Well, that depends.

If getting-along means going along, the answer of “no” as suggested by Jenna Brownson in her Huffington Post piece is a good one.  Why be silenced when your voice is guaranteed, at least in the US. It doesn’t just happen.  One must fight for it.  Remember that freedom is not free.

But if getting-along means collaborating in crafting a win-win solution, the struggle evolves to a higher form in civilized society – namely politics.  Yes, judging from how dysfunctional Washington is, the p-word carries truckload of connotations.

Nevertheless, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.  Our system is set up for struggle. Just because our opinions are divided and the politicians are failing the grade, we should not give up.

Instead of telling people to shut up or go home, cooler head will prevail. Strive to keep our hopes high but seek ways to collaborate.  Try and try again, because hope is a function of struggle.

Part 1, here.

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