Sunday – My Favorite Day Of The Week

Friday used to be my favorite day of the week.  Knowing it’s the end of the work week and with a weekend ahead, my feeling was both relief (for the former) and anticipation (for the later).  Excitement galore.

That favorite changed since my retirement, four years ago. Obviously work week and weekend no longer carry the same meanings for me. I have put the hustle and bustle of my commuter life to a thing of the past.  Accordingly, my favorite also changed.

My favorite day of the week shifts to Sunday.  Instead being the day before work and stress city, Sunday has become more relaxed and reflective in my retirement.  And I enjoy composing my “Week In Review” on Sundays much more.

You see, the weekly review is a space for me to pause and ponder about the week passed.  It serves as a mini time capsule of my life and a re-charging opportunity as well.  Since my retirement, I have been able to truly live to that purpose.

For that, Sunday earns my favorite day of the week.

What’s your favorite day of the week?


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