What’s The Question?

Almost five months have gone by since I learned that I missed the 2019 Boston Marathon Cut-off by 1 second.  Enough time has passed for my  bruised feeling to heal.  Even though as I said before, try harder next time, a few questions need to be addressed.

And they are:

  1. What is the qualifying time for age 60?
  2. How much faster do I need to beat the qualifying time (#1) to make the cut-off?
  3. What pace do I need to run to meet the time required from #2?
  4. How should I train to achieve the fitness level for the pace in #3?

My goal remains the same – qualifying fast enough to run in the Boston Marathon.

Before the marathon training starts in two months, an overarching question is  how fast do I need to achieve this year to run the 2020 Boston Marathon? The answer to this and other associated questions will determine how I need to train.

Pardon the geek in me, but my approach and the answers are as follows:

  1.  3 hrs 50 min 00 sec (men 60 – 64)
  2. Here is the geeky part.  I took a look at the cut off times since 2012 when BAA started the rolling admission:  2019 (4:52), 2018 (3:23), 2017 (2:09), 2016 (2:28), 2015 (1:02), 2014 (1:38).  In 2013 overflow runners were deferred to 2014.  And in 2012 the cutoff was actually 5 minutes SLOWER than the qualifying times.  And I did a linear regression (or extrapolate) on the cutoffs and got 4 min 40 sec for 2020 which means I need to run a qualifying marathon under 3 hr 45 min 20 sec (assuming my math is correct).
  3. 8:36 is the pace using the McMillan calculator.
  4.  My training will pretty much mirror the last year’s maybe with a few tweaks.

There you have it.

Which questions do you need to answer to achieve your goals? 

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2 Responses to What’s The Question?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I turn 55 this year and I’m looking forward to getting a few extra minutes to qualify. I think my qualifying time will be 3:40. I did run a 3:47 about 5 years ago and can run a 4 hour marathon when I train well.
    So it is possible to qualify I just need to dial things in and focus.


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