Week In Review – 24 Feb 2019

Reading the news now-a-day, couldn’t help to sense negativism are all around – in government, social media, religion, school, etc. But losing hope is not an option. The alternative is worse – opposite of progress.

First of all, don’t believe everything you read. Things are spreading fast. Faster with the internet and social media. Things include the good as well as the bad.  Jumping the gun is easy, especially with a cluttered mind or inflated ego.

Second, we always have a choice.  May not feeling it some days, but it is there. Particularly in America, freedom of choice is prima facie.  Which however does not mean without a struggle. Because hope without a struggle is only a dream.

Therefore, important to think clearly.  Pause and ask what are the unanswered questions to your goals? Something I try to do in my Sunday reviews.  Let the answers be your guide, and the actions sustain your hope. 

Have a nice week.


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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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