What Can I Do? A Strategy For Maintaining Control

Have you ever got lost, became panic, and found yourself lost twice as fast?  What would be an useful strategy in situations like that?  Everyone has different coping mechanisms.  Here is one strategy I will share that works well for me.

When the world around me is turning upside down, when chaos reigns,  and when everything seems out of control,  I  turn inward and ask “what can I do?”  It is a simple question because I know I can answer about myself, including my resources.

Whenever I get antsy, feeling like I should be doing something but don’t know what, I use the same strategy: turn inward and ask, what I can do to make a difference?  The question and subsequent answers invariably points me to a path that leads forward.

Even if the answer is a small step or something trivial, I am gaining control. Because  I am 1) being proactive, 2) channeling negative into positive energy, and 3) putting myself back in charge.  Something that is within my control and achievable always calms me down.

What coping strategy works for you?

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