Mind Dancing With The Body

The sound tick, tuck, tick, tuck . . . pierces into my ear drums while I’m trying my best to meditate.  Sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, a series of questions pops into my head: why this little clock makes such big noise?  How come I never notice it before? etc.

STOP! Futile to fight the distraction. Oh no. Any attempts is impossible and way more distracting.  The Zen thing to do is to  leave it alone, accept whatever it is and move on.  Well, that is why I am the student and not the master.

The noise from the clock is actually more appealing than my breath.  At least for now the ticking sound provides a refuge for my mind to hold on as a life-ring or crutch, to endure the moment.  Who knows how long before I become bored with it, just like the breath.

You see the breath gets shallow and imperceptible as my body becomes more relaxed.  A slippery slope to let conscious disappear into the ether.  Same can happen with the clock or anything else.  I will just tip over.  Game Over!

Not the kind of training for my mind.  Back to the breath.




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3 Responses to Mind Dancing With The Body

  1. The monkey mind will wander.It feeds upon thoughts and when you don’t give it anything,it creates..So give it the ‘right’ thoughts to ponder and dwell on ..Check out my blog post –


    • terryshen says:

      Thank you Megha. You’re right that meditation is a journey. An inward one I may add. And our minds can be most challenging at times. I like meditation for its spiritual values which to me it’s not religious but a purpose beyond self-interest. A higher purpose if yo will. Thanks for sharing.

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