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Week In Review – 31 Mar 2019

As April knocking on our doors, we say goodbye to March. Transition is a good time to step back and take a look.  Are there traps that have us locked in gradually?  Yes, traps like the boiling frog.  Since we … Continue reading

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A Good Laugh

“When was the last time you had a good laugh?” I asked myself.  You know the kind that you laugh so hard that you couldn’t help but double over until  tears coming out of your eyes or your stomach hurts.  … Continue reading

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Experiential Learning, Part 2

As an intuitive learner, I find connections quickly.  Unfortunately, too quick sometimes, and the details are lost on me.  Thus I appreciate experiential learning or leaning by doing in that the finer points manifest themselves and smack me in the … Continue reading

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Reblog: Learn Any Skills in 20 Hours

  Google the definition of “skill” and you get: the ability to do something well, expertise.  And according to Josh Kaufman, just 20 hours is enough to become “reasonably good” at any skill, including to play the ukulele as he … Continue reading

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One’s Calling?

Chance upon this quote by Abraham Maslow that says, in my paraphrasing:  If you have a calling, you must follow it in order to be at peace with yourself [Source link below]. An eloquent quote with one important caveat – … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an idea that I entertain but often fall short in implementing. After months of the cold wind, dust and snow from the winter season, my house can use a sprucing up. Of course, it would be more … Continue reading

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Confirmation Bias

As much as computer has crept into our lives, human judgement is still needed in many day-to-day tasks.  These include the work of Pilot, Judge, Police, Teacher, just to name a few. But a human flaw called confirmation bias seriously … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Mar 2019

Material possession is not an end in itself.  It supposes to serve our needs but not becoming our needs.  In the choice of to have or to experience, I value the experiences over things.  Case in point being the all … Continue reading

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An Integral Life

“Retirement agrees with you,” an ex-coworker complimented me at a recent event, another retirement ceremony that I was attending. Her remarks was candid and revealing to me.  I supposed it shows that we wear our disposition on our sleeve. Plain … Continue reading

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Tortuous Winds

Can’t remember for how long, but I have been listening to the nasty winds outside ripping against my window sills.  The whole episode is like a thriller story keeping me on edge. With little or no warning, wind gusts rattle … Continue reading

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