I Don’t Care

Retired and turning 60 this year. I am resolved to choose how I want to live.  Not that I haven’t been doing it.  But more like I can finally say, un-apologetically, that I don’t care about things that don’t serve me well.

Things like:

I don’t have to be nice to everyone (i.e. what our parents told us back in kindergarten).  Nasty people are going to be around no matter how much I try.

I don’t have to agree with everyone.  I know what I said and respect what others’ feelings.  But we don’t have to all agree.  Diversity has its beauty and usefulness.

I don’t have to like every vegetables (or meats).  I just don’t.  I know what is good and nourishes me.  I am responsible for my health.  Not the doctors.

I don’t have to share (only if I want to).  Plenty good and deserving causes around.  I am certainly not able to save the world.  Only the causes I care enough to volunteer.

Please understand.  I am not becoming a mean old man (or maybe I am??).    Only more selective insofar as to choose more the ways I want to live and less of what don’t serve me anymore.

How much of the social scripting do you really care about?



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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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