Schooling of Politicians

The new 116th Congress has only been in session less than three months.   But some of  the  freshmen class are already making news lately.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilham Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are three names come to mind lately.

I would imaging the schooling of a politician follows similar steps like other professions – a progression from freshman to sophomore, junior, then senior based on experience and performance. The US Congress is the major league of politics.  And the same process applies.

Yet in ascending the career ladder, elected officials get more scrutinizing then most.  Foremost, by their constituents, whom they represent.   Call them stakeholders or perhaps more appropriately bosses if you will.  A politician’s career is inextricably tied to the satisfaction of the constituents served.

And that is a tough task.  Because politic is not a winner takes all game but a negotiated give-and-take to maximize values for the constituents lest the media, lobbyists, special interests, colleagues, and others who have role in that  endgame.  No doubt , AOC, IO,and  RT are, like the rest of the freshmen class, ambitious, energetic, and diverse.

How they balance the expectations between their constituents, other factors, and themselves is a question  I am watching with interest.  For the schooling of these politicians will determine the quality of our democracy.  

What’s your perception of politicians? 

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