This March Weather

I am still not over yesterday.  It was one of those days, the hell froze over in Washington area.  No life form outside.  Only the occasion sounds from the mail and trash trucks screeching down the street, woke up one’s senses.

Unlike the noisy clock in the house, my back deck thermometer was in suspended animation all day.  Despite numerous times I checked, it was hijacked between 20 and 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) and not a bit beyond.

The bright light from the sun had me squinting to read the temperature, but still the dial on the thermometer would not budge from dawn to dusk.  And the gusting winds killed my enthusiasm for any further investigations.

I declare, a stubborn protest from this March weather that the winter is not over.

Is anyone counting, beside me, the arrival of warmer days? 

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2 Responses to This March Weather

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Ready for summer!


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