Connecting To My Heavier Self

During off season, the luxury of eating without worrying is a thing of the past.  Like everyone else, I eat and gain weight.  Without the training regiment to burn off excess calories, whatever I put in my mouth eventually shows up on the scale.

In fact, I am ten pounds over my previous race weight.

The additional weight does not bother me in general. Because I know they will come off when my training starts in April.  Meanwhile,  I live with the heavier me and stick with a healthy diet.   However when I run, the extra weight does make a difference.

Imaging carrying a 10 pound sack of rice while running.

Right from the warm up, my heart throbs in response to the extra load. Beating against my rib cage like an revved  up engine trying to get started.  My lips part for more air answering to the brain – more oxygen to the legs before they quit.  All these for a supposed easy five mile run.

Not complaining. I am okay with the heavier me.  But if forced to pick, I prefer the lighter, more agile me.

Note to self – keep running


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