March Madness (San Basketball)

In less than a week, Spring will have arrived.   Something that I have been holding my breath and looking forward for awhile.   But life has an interesting way revealing itself.  At least that is how it unfolded for me today.

The sun was up early.  Its intense light lit up the sky and warmth infused the air.  The temperature did not stop climbing throughout the day until it reached an unimaginable height of 73 degree Fahrenheit.  A whopping 30 degrees jump from last week’s high.

The cruel justice in the form of “be careful what you ask for” echoed in my ears.  Not only was I sorry for the innocent plants who are probably as confused as I, but also like the Pavlov’s dog, my eyes started itching and nose running, right on queue.

Call it pre-Spring training if you will.  I strapped on my sandals and went out for a 6 mile run in this surprising weather.  Even got a little tanned, believe it or not.

Are you ready for Spring?

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