To Experience vs To Have

Friend of mine is embarking on a minimalist lifestyle.  She gives away stuffs that her family no longer use, cooks organic foods without much condiments, and promotes re-use instead of recycling to reduce wastes.  In other words, living with less and enjoying more.

While not a minimalist, I do like her philosophy, especially the part about enjoying life more based on experiences rather than material things.  After all we come naked into this world and most likely will leave with little.  What’s the point of accumulating lots of things.

To be clear, I am not condemning people with big houses or expensive cars.  That’s an individual choice. I like certain creature comforts myself (which explains why I am not a minimalist).

The point is not to lose sight of what is important. Each of us has to find that balance.

What good is money if you don’t enjoy it?  


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