Please Rain

Never thought I would miss the rain.  Especially for running, I prefer dry weather over wet.  The soaked gears chafing over my body is definitely no fun, in fact painful.   I would avoid it as much as possible.

So why would I miss the rain?

Well, just the other day, I seeded my lawn on an impulse.  Not a green thumb, I typically would not attempt such project.  But earlier that day, while in the store, I saw the seeds on sale. And the label said the seeds are premixed for my area.  Sounds like a no-brainer.

After I got home, I followed the instructions, like the high school Chemistry lab, from the packaging:  Step 1 – rake the ground to loosen the soil,  Check;  Step 2 – apply seeds with a spreader, Check; Then Step 3, “the most important step” according to the packaging –  water the grass.

It was at the Step 3, I got stuck (and too late to turn back).

You see, the warm spill that precipitated me starting this project had disappeared.  And left in its trail were the below freezing nightly temperatures that along with watering, I theorized, would make the ground hard and kill the seeds.  Of course, I could be wrong.

After days of indecision,  finally comes the first day of spring, today.  Warmer nights and precipitation are in the forecast.  By now, I am more than ready to give my science project back to Mother Nature.  And let the nature takes its course.

Think I jumped the gun and seeded my lawn too early?

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