Our Comfort Zone

Comfort zone, we all have them.  It includes things that we are familiar with.

Things such as the neighborhood we live, the stores we frequent, the food we eat, or the language we speak.  Analogous to growing up in a village where certain boundaries a child would not venture beyond.

Interesting things happen when we grow older.  Our comfort zone leads us different directions.  For some the boundaries represent a safe bubble where one finds comforts to his or her every need.

But for others, the same boundaries represent shackles around their ankles that they could not wait to break free from.  When the opportunity knocks, these folks want to see the world, explore new places, and meet interesting people.

What’re your comfort zone? And where do they lead you?


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2 Responses to Our Comfort Zone

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I suppose career wise we have boundaries set by ourselves and the companies we work for. Maybe we don’t take the next career step as it may involve leaving our current employer.


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