Week In Review – 24 Mar 2019

Material possession is not an end in itself.  It supposes to serve our needs but not becoming our needs.  In the choice of to have or to experience, I value the experiences over things.  Case in point being the all consuming money.

Further, material desire distracts the mind from focusing on what is truly important.  Not saying material goods are not valuable.  We need foods, water, and etc. to survive.  But to thrive beyond survival requires we set clear boundaries on our efforts.

Through proper indulgence, we have a better chance to align our intents and actions, achieving an integral life.  One of such examples is the balanced approach between our comfort zone and growth.

Spring arrived this week. Along with it came the unpredictable weather.  The erratic patterns of wind and rain were beyond my memory and grating on my nerves.   Guess I should meditate more.

Have a nice week!

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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