Confirmation Bias

As much as computer has crept into our lives, human judgement is still needed in many day-to-day tasks.  These include the work of Pilot, Judge, Police, Teacher, just to name a few. But a human flaw called confirmation bias seriously jeopardizes our judgement.  Serious because the perpetrators do not realize the flaw in their thinking.

The confirmation bias is an antithesis of critical thinking and takes on many forms:  You choose to believe what you (already) believe, seek you shall find, and perception becomes reality.  Just to name a few.  It drives people into their prejudice (e.g. see, I knew it), instead of thinking critically.

The consequence is diminished chance for collaboration or synergy.  Any discussion to convince others that you are right is no discussion. It only further entrenches any pre-existing biases.  Worse yet, victims of the confirmation bias such as the immigrants and shooting of  un-armed civilians by police are way too common.

What can we do?

One way to combat this confirmation bias is the principle of truth.  Which is why I like about science.  With its mission in finding the truth, scientific inquiries seek the objective truths that are repeatable and verifiable.  After all truth matters,  It helps us to reconcile, to learn, and to move forward.

How would you guard against the confirmation bias?

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