Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an idea that I entertain but often fall short in implementing.

After months of the cold wind, dust and snow from the winter season, my house can use a sprucing up. Of course, it would be more presentable like I after a fresh haircut.  Trouble is I spend more time thinking about the project than doing it.

No. It is not for lack of ideas.  That I get plenty.   The challenge is these projects are either too big or too small.  Too big because I don’t have the right equipment to do the job.  Like a power washer for the house exterior and the deck.

Or too small that the projects get pushed to the back-burner. Whenever a sliver of opportunity arises, I jump on it.  The outcomes becomes a game of chance that I am at the mercy of time or timing.  Like today, I decided, albeit late, to clean my front steps and railings. Why?

Because they were becoming an eye sour, and even I couldn’t stand them any longer.  So, better late than never.  Thank goodness the Daylight Saving time was on my side.  But even then, I had to hurry up before darkness engulfed me and the house.

Tomorrow, I will find out just how good (or bad) a job I did.

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