One’s Calling?

Chance upon this quote by Abraham Maslow that says, in my paraphrasing:  If you have a calling, you must follow it in order to be at peace with yourself [Source link below].

An eloquent quote with one important caveat – that one’s calling is known. Because I wonder how many people really know their callings? And assuming they do, follow up with their passion?

Maslow has always advocated that self-actualization being the highest form of human motivations.  So his quote follows his theory beautifully.  But what if I don’t know my calling? What do I must do?

Source: Today’s Quote ‹ Soul Gatherings ‹ Reader —

What do you must do?

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3 Responses to One’s Calling?

  1. earthskyair says:

    I think plenty of people remain unaware of or ignore their calling while they work to get ahead according to convention. If we all honored our callings, the world would look different. I think discovering your calling involves paying attention and giving credence to your talents and affinities.


    • terryshen says:

      I agree Nancy that plenty of folks are not aware of their calling. And too many are dong what they think others want them to do. Finding one’s calling is not easy for some. Paying attention helps, but again a lot of our talents are based on the feedback or confirmation from others. Which may not be what truly aligns. Thanks for sharing.

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