Experiential Learning, Part 2

As an intuitive learner, I find connections quickly.  Unfortunately, too quick sometimes, and the details are lost on me.  Thus I appreciate experiential learning or leaning by doing in that the finer points manifest themselves and smack me in the face.

Allow me to explain with two examples from my meditation recently.

The concepts of “letting go” and “be present” are familiar to me.  I understand to let go of my attachments, whatever they may be, in order to be present in the here and now.  You know, not thinking about the mistake I made and missing the opportunity in front of my nose.  Got that.

But common sense is not always common practice.

It is not until recently did I realize: 1) breathing is going to happen anyway [Duh], and 2) it’s okay to let go of it.  Why the big deal? You ask.  This is a big step because it had taken me awhile to meditate my way to this point, and the breath had been my guidepost along the way.

Then after I grasped the point of letting go of my breath, comes another zinger:  I heard the birds singing outside of my window.  Talking about “be present” in the moment.  What a wake up call.  That meditative session leaves me a very different meaning than my intuitive understanding of the same concepts.

What is your experience in learning?

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