To Leave Or Not To Leave (Brexit)

When I thought American bureaucracy is bad, the United Kingdom government is making us look good.  Particularly on its withdrawal from the European Union.  Also known as the Brexit.

If the government can’t work out a deal on the Brexit, a worst case scenario would be it crashes out of the EU or a no-deal Brexit.  And the deadline for that is April 12, 2019, or in 10 days.

And that is no joke. There would be no transition period for the exit, no agreements, and not to mention the government’s failure to execute what the Brits have voted.  The consequences is dire.

Life as the Brits know it, since the World War II, would not be the same.  The credibility of its government, impacts to trades and the businesses, etc. all point to a rather chaotic scenario.

Basically everyone will be on their own.  As an example, the UK’s National Health Service is stockpiling medicines, in case supplies from EU countries are interrupted.

What happened to the will of the people?

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