The Four Seasons of Life

Each of the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, has a temperament of its own.  The seasons remind me the life stages of childhood, prime, retiring, and senior.

The spring and autumn are the transitions.  Weathers are volatile and unpredictable. Much variations happen. They resemble the childhood and retirement – growth stages that prepare us for the seasons to come.

Always a student of life, I feel the childhood and retirement, in particular, offer opportunities to learn and try new things.  Whether through former education, self studying, or adventuring, the possibilities are abundant.

The summer and winter, on the other hand, are the extremes.  The seasons are more defined in expectations.  They resemble prime and senior stages.  Both are steady states with the former in production and the later in clarification.

In our prime, we are contributing to the overall productive cycle whether it’s job, family, or other pursuits.  Busy time infused with accomplishments.  By the time when we reach the senior stage, life begins to  reveal itself and make sense. Hence the clarification.

I am retired, so the ink on the last two seasons is not dry yet. But from my vantage point, we open more doors during the spring and autumn and closing more doors during the summer and winter.

How about your interpretations on the seasons of life?

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