Quality Sleep?

I have bad sleep patterns.  A nemesis that I have been dealing with for a while.  With my marathon training set to start in two weeks, imperative to remedy my poor sleeps.  Otherwise, it will impact the effectiveness of my training.

Just so happen that each year I modify my marathon training with incremental refinements.  In the past, I have tackled my shoes, strides, pace, etc.  This time, it is my sleep cycle.  My root symptoms in particular are two: 1) not falling asleep and 2) not staying asleep.

Nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed comes bed time.  I have a limit of 30 minutes. After that, I get up and try to do something to distract my mind.  Even after fallen asleep quickly, especially during the training season when I am exhausted, I would wake up in the middle of the night.  Eyes wide open.

My past efforts have been hits or misses.  And the symptoms eventually return. So, to help kick the bad habits, I am working with an online health coaching program to get a more systemic solution.  This includes taking data on my sleep patterns with a sleep log.  With data, I can get some specifics to work with.

Stay tune for updates on my progress.

How well do you sleep?

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2 Responses to Quality Sleep?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I have sleep problems also and have seen specialists.
    From my treatment I have learned to go to bed about the same time every night.
    I also wear ear plugs and over the past year I’ve started wearing a sleep mask. With these two items I can even get to sleep in a hotel! A huge accomplishment.
    Have you tried melatonin? I take 5mg plus a prescription and it really helps.
    The meds do 80% and the ear plugs and “sleep hygiene” do the rest.
    Poor sleep really sucks and has such a huge impact on the rest of your life.
    I hope you find something that works for you.


    • terryshen says:

      Appreciate your comments Andy. Melatonin works great for my son (he swears by it). But I find it has little effect on me. I do use eye mask during the day when I need a power nap. Sticking to a regular daily schedule is by far the most recommended solution insofar as getting one’s bio clock in sync with the sleep-awake cycle. That’s why I am using the sleep log to adjust my routines. We runners need our sleeps to recover. So this is very important. Thanks for sharing.


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