Spring Break Run

Stepped outside and the air was refreshingly cool.  Refreshing because I did not need my gloves, windbreaker, or other shields to protect me from the weather elements.  In fact, my tank top and shorts was the perfect choices for my morning run.

It was early in the morning.  I picked to run early to avoid the UV rays from the sun but enough light to see where I was heading.  Most importantly though, I wanted to enjoy my run.  Without worry, no pressure, and no schedule, the beauty of off-season running.  For two more weeks.

Reconnecting with the outdoors.  Not dodging any snow piles, ice patches, or salt sprays. Nor enduring bone-chilling winds that limited my eyes to only a few feet in front of me.  Instead, I relaxed my shoulders, opened up my mind, and just let me legs carried me.

Every step at the pace of my choosing.  Wow.  What a joyful run.

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