Glass Half Empty?

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When the “world” is getting me down, instead of turning on it , I turn inward to myself and ask: Why? What is there that is not agreeing with me? Am I biased on certain subjects? Or could there be other possibilities?

Frankly, many of the news on social media are regurgitated sound bites or passed-on wisdom with little original thoughts or insights. Loose references to studies and expert opinions resemble gossips that cloud issues more than clarify them.

In particular I reject the bipolar rhetoric. Artificial news that disguise as reporting with commercial intent. Coverage on Democrats versus Republican, pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump, celebrity scandals are less entertaining than pro wrestling.

Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of real world problems exist. Climate change, food safety, income inequality, government accountability, online privacy are some examples that deserve attention. Not Kim Kardashian studying to become a lawyer ( no offense and my apology to the Kardashians.)

Of course, this too shall pass according to the Buddhist and my meditation instructions.  I will be as good as new after I sorted all  these out in my head. So please carry on.  And  I will join you as soon as I am done.

Is your glass full?



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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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