Yo-Yo Is Not My Name

Don’t know how you are coping with the weather where you are.  But I am going nuts with the unpredictable temperatures.

Spring has come to Washington DC.  And yes the temperature is volatile this time of the year.  But the past few days have been a real challenge.  My house air conditioning and heating have been putting to a test cycling on and off continuously.

But that is not my worry.  It is me who is feeling like a yo-yo in this roller-coaster weather.  I was wearing shorts and enjoying my AC early in the week when the temperature was in the 80s.  Then it plummeted to only 50’s today.  Definitely, a jacket and sweater day, and you guessed it my heater came on.

Confusing?  You bet!  Especially when I ventured out, like this morning, I was running with my gloves, vest, face mask, the whole nine yards.  What a contrast compared to earlier in the week.  And worse yet, not sure if it is the tree pollen or the cold I caught that has my nose running.

So be well and dress accordingly.

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