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What’s wrong with our political systems today? was the question on my mind.  The answer I found is “Duopoly.”

Googled the word, you will get “a situation in which two suppliers dominate the market for a commodity or service.”  In this case the two suppliers are the Democratic & Republican Parties.  And the market is our American Democracy.

So what is wrong with the picture?

What is conspicuously absent is the independents or, shall I say, the public interests.  According to the Gallup poll, “identification with the two major parties is near the historical low” – 29% for the Democrat and 27% for the Republican.

While the two parties are busy bashing each others, any real policy that addresses our public interests is left out.  And the conspiracy includes the media, which has a self interest to fan the fire.  Doesn’t bother them a bit how off they were for the 2016 Election results.  Does it?

The party primaries, PACs, debates, canvassing, are fake democracy.  The real goal by the conspirators is to win for the party.  Doesn’t matter which party.  And the loser is the American people.

Want to take the control back?  Here are some suggestions.

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