Feeling Cold

Feeling cold in the dead of winter is normal.  With the sun in hiding and the low temperature, winter is supposed to be cold.  Therefore, heaters would be running, heavy gears would shield us from the elements, and outdoor activities would be kept to a minimum.  All to be expected.

But it’s mid-April (123rd Boston Marathon and Tax day in America).  The cold I am talking about is different.  It is the after-winter chill that is rooted in places like my joints, extremities, fingers and toes, ears and skins on the back of neck, etc.  A bone-chilling cold that can only be made peace by sipping on hot beverages or soups.

The cold snap has been brutal.  It pops out of nowhere with fierce gusts.  Rattling windows and walls. Temperature swings wildly depending on windchill.  10’s and 20’s degree drops are frequent.  In a way, it’s a mixed blessings that I am not running the Boston.

My body clock is confused.  By late afternoon say 5 pm, it seems as if time for bed. And before 5 AM I am wide awake while it’s still pitch dark outside.  How messed up especially I am trying to sticking to a sleep schedule?

So my body is out-of-sync and out-of-wack, but at least my taxes are done.

Congrats to all the Boston finishers.


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2 Responses to Feeling Cold

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Thanks. I’m home today on the couch recovering! What a day. At some point I need to find the energy to write my blog post today.


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