Post Robert Mueller – What Next?

Mueller report is out. The main event that preoccupied Washington political circuits for near two years is done and revealed today. Whether interested in the report or not, one has to be blind, deaf or both to not notice the news. The question becomes what next?

That question is not for Democrats only. But for Republicans, Independents, media, and American people at large. Have we learned anything different that will change our country’s course? Or in other words, can we get on with the business of governing?

No need to be stubborn or in denial. The special counsel investigation is the past, and the 2020 election still too far away. But plenty urgent issues remain unresolved: measles outbreaks, food not safe to eat, or dare I say airplanes not safe to fly. Just to name a few.

What do you say that let’s stop playing politics and get back to work?

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