Week In review – 21 Apr 2019

The weather continues to warm up into the spring in Washington DC this week. It’s safe to wash one’s car and mow the lawn without the threat of snow, salt, or below freezing temperature. However, the changing season does bring its own challenge.

Hence, I am reluctant to put away my gloves, mitten, and other cold weather running gears just yet. As my Erie marathon training starts on Monday, I will be running bright and early in the mornings. The gears may still come in handy just like the “runner’s pedicure.

The politics is in transition as well. After nearly two years, the Mueller’s investigation has concluded.  And a big splash his report has made. Not because it did not bring any indictment against the president but the confirmation of an incredulous job this president is operating.

Mark Twain was right in that “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Have a nice week.

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