Day 1 Week 1 – On Better Quality Training

38 minutes (approx. 4 miles) incl/ fartlek; cool breeze & 54 degree Fahrenheit.

Coach Greg McMillan (of the McMillan Calculator fame) suggests that training by minutes instead of miles provides more quality and consistent training for runners.  The concept is that our body “knows” duration and intensity.  Or how long (time) and hard (effort) we run.

So on a feeling good day, one will run a little longer with a set time and vice versa a little shorter on a down day.  This method works with runner’s body and not against the body, avoids over training or injury, and is easier to execute, particularly on travel.

Exceptions to the rule –  when the workout is focused on intensity, such as pace & temp runs, and repetitions, revert back to the training by miles.  In other words, when we are pushing our effort, use the distance as reference.   Track workouts fit into this category.

In summary:

  • train by minutes not miles on easy days
  • train by miles/ distance on specialty/ hard days

Have you tried training by minutes?

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