Day 3 Week 1 – My Life (Back) In Training

38 minutes (approx 4 mile),  cloudy & low 60’s

Just last week, I was off season.  Now three days into my marathon training, how has my life changed (besides the format of my post titles)?  In a way, my surrounding has not changed much.  Same responsibilities, challenges, and people. But my life is going through huge changes and will continue the next 20 weeks.

The single most important change I could point to, thus far, is my mental framework.  Even though I ran during my off season, I did not have a schedule, let alone a marathon training schedule to live with.  But it is not necessarily negative as it may sound.

Take today for instance.  My 38 minute run is not much.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  What’s not apparent is the time I spent on reading about nutrition and marathon fueling. What’s the latest? How to improve?  And possible inclusion into my training.  All on top of my regular stuffs.

And like I said this is not negative.

Having the Erie marathon as the target, I am better focused with my time:  Prioritizing what needs to be done between my regular life and marathon training, eliminating the non-essentials such as paying attention to the politics and partisan bickering, and thinking about what really matters.

For the next 20 weeks, marathon training is an additional priority into my life.  And an important one, I may add.  The work required for a successful outcome entails physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual investment.   Welcome to the ride.

What changes are happening in your life?



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