Day 5 Week 2 – Has Our Souls Been Eaten?

Rest day.

An Op Ed piece on New York Times Wednesday by James Comey, former FBI director, pointed out the dilemma of working for President Trump (Comey worked as the FBI director under Trump for four months).

His piece is a poignant reminder to anyone who has ever worked for a boss with whom they disagreed. Under the terms of employment, employee has to obey by certain rules. Otherwise, parting ways is the natural consequence.

What if in the employment scenario, one disagrees with the boss but stays? That’s where Comey’s points laid in. Whether one remains silent or pretends to go along with the boss for the sake of employment, or whatever the reason, the decision puts one’s soul on sale.

I obey the 2016 election result but cringe every time when Mr. Trump lies. Because he is the president of the United States. And I don’t like the idea that he represents something I don’t believe. What does that do to my soul?

Is 2020 too far to wait?

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