Day 3 Week 3 – On Human Relations

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Marathon Training

My travel continues.  Plenty of walking today but no running.

Why can’t people get along?

Have you wondered why people refuse to pull in same direction and keep wasting limited resources?  Is it lack of trust, leadership, failure in communication or else?

Don’t know the answer but my views are as follows:

In trust, I would overlook human errors, ambiguous goals, temporary inconveniences.  Because high trust is deposits in my relationship.

With leadership, I am a willing follower, even going beyond what I am capable of.  It was Henry Kissinger who said, Leadership is taking people to places they have not been.

Blaming communication? There is no communication failure, only laziness. If the trust and leadership challenges are overcome, communicate to understand is a must.

What do you believe is detracting human relationships?

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