Day 1 Week 4 – Cusco, the Inca Capital

Marathon Training

38 min (approx 4 miles), cloudy & 48 degree

Cusco, Peru

No place that I have been carries its traditions more than the city of Cusco in Peru. The city was the capital of the Inca Empire.  Which was the most developed civilization in Americas before the arrivals of Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro.

Pizarro had an eye on the Inca’s wealth and succeeded his mission in 1572.  And soon after the conquest, the Inca culture was purged. So in today’s Cusco, Catholic churches stood where Inca temples once were.  Inca people were “converted” to the same faith and language of the Spaniards.

In spite of the Spanish conquest, remnants of the famous Inca stonemason work are still visible in the city.  This mosaic blend of the Spanish and Inca cultures makes Cusco a truly remarkable city.

Spanish archways on the left meet Inca walls on the right

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