Week In Review – 19 May 2019

What a week this had been. I concluded my visit to Machu Picchu, and Peru in general. Took away with me, besides the pictures, many newfound knowledge. Even though my marathon training had to be modified due to the trip schedule, it was well worth it.

Incidentally, the sleep program I am using offers a tip that I felt is worth sharing, “It is all in the timing. Pay attention to when you eat, exercise, and sleep.” This tip is beyond the typical mindfulness advice. We each are unique in our bio-clock, and using it to our advantage and optimizing our performance is the finesse of training.

As I tweak my marathon training each year, I am incorporating the nutrition, sleep/ recovery aspects in addition to running. I am eating within a 12 hour window per day which allows my body sufficient time to digest and cleanse my system. Similarly, I try to to go to sleep more consistently. Again paying attention to the timing how my body works.

Lastly, a couple of observations on US international relations: we are in a trade war with China, we are losing support from our allies on many fronts, and we are being inconsistent with our words and actions.  Whether leading from the front or the behind, we need to lead.  Unfortunately, we are slipping in this regard.

Have a nice week!

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