Day 1 Week 5 – Walking Meditation

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Marathon Training

Rest Day.  Week 5 is a “down” week.  Which means a break with less mileage so my body can recover and prepare for the coming weeks.

Walking Meditation

After my morning meditation, I continued my session by exploring around the rooms.  “Continued my session” because I had my eyes closed and maintained an even breath.  The only difference was that I was on my feet and moving.  Slowly.

Without the aid of any visual inputs, each step was a discovery.  The texture surfaces where my foot landed told me if I was on a carpet, floor or, surprise, some other objects like a furniture.  I would verify the feedback with my mental picture of the rooms and correct my course.

Balance usually taken for granted had to be more deliberate and re-calibrated from time to time.  Particularly when I was surprised.  Whenever I sensed a fear or panic began to set in, such as I knew a step or wall was near, I stopped, focused on my breathing, and tuned in to my sensors.  Relying on them to be my guides.

The intensity of the light indicated if I was moving toward or away from an opening.  The sounds from the ticking of the clock and the fan noise of the refrigerator were signposts guiding my way around.  I could even feel something near by from the pressure on the hairs of my arms.  What an experience!

Have you tried walking meditation?



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