Day 2 Week 5 – My Peru Trip in Video

Marathon Training

38 min (approx 4 miles) plus strides, sunny & cool 59 degree

One of the advantages in the early phase of a marathon training is that it has less pressure. Runs are easy paced and short. More time and attention can be devoted to build one’s foundations. Certainly aerobic capacity, structural strength are the targets as well as the more subtle aspects of run by feel, forms, & pacing.

The last term pacing, or right pace, is important for runners at any distances. But for endurance running like a marathon or longer it is absolutely critical. The right pace is not determined externally by someone else. But how one feels based on his or her fitness level. Not the other way around which often results in injuries.

My Peru Trip in Video

I recently went to Peru and visited Machu Picchu. Let me just say that running in high altitudes was no joke. Here is a compilation of our trip thanks to my wife who is the one with the artistic touch.  Enjoy.



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