Day 3 Week 5 – All Sensory Inputs Are Conditioning

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Marathon Training

29 min (approx 3 miles), pleasant & 66 degree

All Sensory Inputs Are Conditioning

Don’t believe it?  Think back.  Way back to the first sound, taste, sight, etc. Whether it’s the dentist’s drill, smoke from a cigarette, or picture of a pornographic act, the very first exposure to the input is jolting. The sensation is new, raw and foreign to us.

But if continued over time, we learn to value the experience. In other words, we develop a conditioned response.  The dentist drill is a noise of necessity – the price we pay to maintain our dental hygiene.  The cigarette smoke can be addicting.  And similar with the pornographic picture.

What’s the point I am getting at? You maybe wondering.  Actually, two points:  1) The unexamined life is not worth living, said the Greek philosopher Socrates.  Speaking for myself, I am often guilty of unexamined responses. Which is why I meditate and try to avoid a life of meaningless

And 2) Marathon training is really conditioning with a purpose.   For instance, I am in my fifth week of the marathon training, and my weight is coming down.  My body is responding to the additional mileages I am putting in.  Sure, my body gets tired from the increasing load, but it will get used to it.  And that is the point.

What are your autopilot-responses?

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